A cure for Ebola, Yes you read correctly .

A cure for Ebola, Yes you read correctly .

The weeks were very important news for the African community. A cure for Ebola was confirmed and we all mourned a musical genius in a tragic accident, DJ Arafat.

The end of a cursed disease?

Until this week, 11th August, there was no cure for Ebola. But Congolese doctor Jean-Jacques Muyembe Tamfum has finally acheived the work of his life. This will save many people especially the ones currently suffering in Congo DRC. The solution is called mAB114, which was developed in DRC and the United States.

This made me really proud for my country but also Doctor Muyembe has proven once more that hard work pays.



The world has lost a music genius and African artists were present last week in Abidjan to pay their last respect. DJ Arafat passed away shortly after he had a road accident (motor) which put us all in shock on the night of the 11th August 2019.