What does it take to produce a haute couture collection?

What does it take to produce a haute couture collection?

I had the opportunity to be a guest at the Heaven Gaia haute couture show in Paris this September 2019 during Paris Fashion Week. They haven’t had one in a few years here and it was simply a bliss and an honour for our magazine. ( http://www.esimbimagazine.com )

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did πŸ™‚

1| The collection presented during Paris Fashion week was very strong with a lot of details in fabrics, from silk to organza with embroidered designs. Where do you source your materials?

The choice of fabrics and materials is always the basis of the clothing. We prefer the natural material for the fabrication, combined with the smooth and silky silk, so that the overall garment is rigid and soft, combined with the embroidery or Chinese elements.

2| What story did you want to tell your audience?

I have been influenced by the opera culture since I was a child, so the feeling of the Chinese quintessence is always accumulated. After so many years of accumulation, I can finally present this theme to everyone.Β We began to explore Chinese opera culture from Kunqu Opera,which is the origin of Chinese Opera. All sorts of Chinese opera are the most representative forms of culture. Chinese opera represents the most wonderful and most thoughtful things of our national culture. The opera, born of Chinese culture, represents the essence of Chinese art.

3| It had been a few years since you showed a collection in Paris. What were your expectations for this season?

This year is the last year of our series theme of β€œTake turns”. Our theme for this year is “combination”, which is different and harmonious. This show is the most exciting show, and it is culturally one. At the same time, more expansion and gain in our business development.

4| What was your biggest challenge and how did you overcome it?

In fact, every year’s defile is a challenge for our team, but at the same time it is a very pleasant journey. This year’s Gaia legend team is going to do two shows on the same day. It is also a very big essay. Thanks to my team, we really did a perfect job.

5| When will the collection be available for sale?Β 

We can sell our clothing by request.

6| Is there a celebrity you dream of dressing?

I hope that everyone whoever loves Chinese culture can wear our clothing.

Here are a few looks of the collection…